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Is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson sports’ most eccentric personality?

After seeing this interview in the video above, which shows MMA light heavyweight fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson pretty much sexually harass a female reporter, it dawned on me: Jackson is like no other athlete (personality-wise) and is insane, and has done some crazy/funny/stupid things outside of the octagon. Here are Jackson’s top moments outside of the octagon.

Jackson/Schoonover confrontation on The Ultimate Fighter [uncensored]

Jackson shows how he’s a bully after constantly antagonizing Rashad Evan’s fattest and nerdiest member of the team. Schoonover finally breaks down and confronts Jackson and some of the weirdest things get said.

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Play of the Day – 3/19/11

Top Play: Anthony Robles wins NCAA National Title at 125 lbs.

How about some inspiration to start your day? Arizona State’s Anthony Robles, who was born without a leg, beat defending national champion Jason Lara of Oregon to capture the 125 pound weight class title. Impressive.

Runner-up: Jon “Bones” Jones dominates Mauricio “Shogun” Rua for the UFC Light Heavyweight title

This fight was the definition of domination. Jones forced Rua to tap after a brutal beating on the ground as well as standing up. The win cements Jones as the youngest UFC champion ever at age 23. He will face Rashad Evans in his first title defense later this year. (Skip to around 2:15 to see the ending)

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