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Video: Drake “Take Care” f/ Rihanna x “HYFR” f/ Lil Wayne

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/39762226] [vimeo http://vimeo.com/39912287]



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Download: Drake “Take Care” f/ Rihanna

Another leak off of Take Care, this time featuring Rihanna and  titled “Take Care”. I don’t feel this one as much as “Crew Love”, but it should make for a solid opening track off of the new album.

Click here to download “Take Care” (right-click, save as).


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Video: Rihanna “We Found Love” f/ Calvin Harris

Not that huge about this song by Rihanna and Calvin Harris, but I think the video deserves to be seen. Very nice editing and visuals that are movie-quality.

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Song of the Day

Not gonna lie, I only recently heard of Adele when I went searching for the sample from Big Sean‘s Home Town, which uses my song of the day, Hometown Glory. After listening to Adele’s version I was instantly impressed with her voice and I thought to myself “how is this girl not enormously popular yet?” Adele is ten times what Rihanna is, talent-wise, at this point, yet is only about 1/10th as popular as her. What it all comes down to is good old social influences in America. Magazines like Vogue will photoshop models until they look 50 pounds lighter than actuality. It’s a shame, but social media has been patronizing curvy and overweight women since the beginning of time. I’m glad Adele is finally starting to gain popularity in the U.S., because it’s been long overdue.

Click here to download Hometown Glory.


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