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Video: Drake “Take Care” f/ Rihanna x “HYFR” f/ Lil Wayne

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/39762226] [vimeo http://vimeo.com/39912287]


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Video: Drake “The Motto” f/ Lil Wayne & Tyga

I don’t know if these guys had a contest to see who could dress up the worst, but here’s the video for Drake’s “The Motto”.

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Video: Game “Martians vs. Goblins” f/ Tyler, The Creator & Lil Wayne

No Weezy in this one. This is something I would expect out of anything that has Tyler, The Creator, aka Wolf Haley in it. Directed by Matt Alonzo, the same guy who did this very similar video.

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Download: Drake “The Motto” f/ Lil Wayne

More and more of Drake’s album Take Care has been leaking out, this time featuring Weezy F. Baby for a song called “The Motto”. This one is a more uptempo and fast paced track. Not the best I’ve heard of the leaks, though.

[audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2011/2/22/3085020//The Motto.mp3]

Click here to download “The Motto”.


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What if the rap game were the NBA?

Recently I was thinking about how NBA players and the rap game go hand-in-hand. Lots of players are friends with rappers and some players even try their darn hardest to earn respect in the rap game. This got me wondering which NBA players are comparable to current rappers in today’s modern era. Here are my thoughts on who is who:

Jay-Z is Kobe Bryant

This has to be the easiest analogy one could make about the rap game/NBA. Both are living legends who are still active in their respective industries. Jay-Z and Kobe are both “winners”, as Jay has 11 “rings” (platinum albums) while Kobe has five NBA Championship rings. Oh, both are married to bangin’ chicks as well.

Kanye West is Lebron James

This one might come under fire by hip-hop and Ye fans, but the similarities are striking. It’s no lie when you say that both are disliked people by the general public. Kanye had his moment(s), Lebron has had his. However, both have proven their worth in their industries and are extremely important to both of their games. Both men have single-handedly altered each of their games in someway both for the positive and negative. It’s also important to think of both as “all-around players”. Lebron can do just about everything on both ends of the court, while Kanye can produce, rap, write, and (try to) sing.
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New music for this week

This was one of the best week’s in music releases in recent memory. Here’s my list of all the top songs that came out this week:

1. Lost Ones – J. Cole

One of the most real and powerful songs to come out this year. Cole gives you an experience you’ll never forget.

Click here to download.

2. Mama’s Boyfriend- Kanye West

A leak that was never supposed to drop. Kanye has said that the beat to this song was manufactured by the parties that got ahold of the vocals. Interesting.

Click here to download.

3. Work Out – J. Cole

J. Cole’s single off of his upcoming album.

Click here to download.

4. The Birds (Pt. 1) – The Weeknd

Second leak from upcoming mixtape Thursday.

Click here to download.

5. Dear Anne (Stan Pt. 2) – Lil Wayne

Beat reportedly turned down by Eminem as Stan Part 2, so Swizz Beatz gave it to Wayne for Tha Carter IV.

Click here to download.

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FIFA 12 Teaser featuring Drake & Lil Wayne

EA Sports’ FIFA is a series I hold dearly to my heart. The above trailer features a plethora of stars, including rappers Drake and Lil Wayne, as well as athletes such as Cincinnati Bengals’ receiver Chad Johnson and soccer stars Wayne Rooney and Kaká. This is one of the more interesting video game teasers as it stresses how FIFA is more than just a game and how it actually can improve and teach ability on the soccer field. Look forward to a late September release for FIFA 12.

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