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Video: Tim Howard scores a goal against Bolton

I heard Chelsea is giving this guy $50 million to replace Fernando Torres.

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The Top 10 Sports Plays of the Year

As we’re inching closer to 2012, Chi Side is taking a look back at the top 10 sports plays of 2011:

10. Patrick Kane’s shootout beauty vs. Minnesota Wild
Clear your browser history after watching this, because it’s pretty nasty.

9. Kyle Kuric’s dunk vs. Notre Dame

I haven’t seen a white guy fly like this since Neil Armstrong went to the moon.

8. Ellis Coleman’s flying squirrel takedown
Greco-roman wrestler Ellis Coleman stunned the sports world with this unique and complex takedown.

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Video: Soccer, where stupid plays like this happen

I’m convinced that soccer has the most stupid plays occur the most frequently. Here’s a header from 65 yards out.

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Video: Patrick Kane’s dirty spin-o-rama assist to Marian Hossa

I’ve been waiting for Kaner to finally convert one of these spin-o-ramas into something. What a beaut.

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Marty Turco makes bets with fan in Montreal, fan wins

As first reported via Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy blog, there are pictures of Marty Turco making bets with a Montreal Canadiens fan during the Blackhawks’ 2-1 overtime loss on April 5th. The photo above clearly shows Turco either giving or taking money from a fan, so there’s no doubt that the story is factual. Here’s how it went down:

According to a Canadiens’ season ticket holder named Robert (audio below), he bet Turco $5 after Michael Cammalleri’s first goal of the game that the Hawks would not tie up the game. Turco accepted, and eventually won the $5 when Patrick Kane scored to tie it up at 1-1. Robert handed Turco a bill with the words “Habs Rule” on it.

However, the betting did not cease.

Turco and the fan bet double-or-nothing on the second period, triple-or-nothing on the third period, and then in overtime Robert gave Turco five-to-one odds that the Hawks would not win. Turco accepted the bet, and eventually had to pay the fan $25 after P.K. Subban’s rocket to win the game for the Canadiens. One of the five $5 bills given to the fan was the same one exchanged in the earlier bet, but with this written on it:

Funny stuff. Not sure how much truth there is to what Turco wrote on the bill, considering he hasn’t started a game since Feb. 11. Turco does gain a ton of credit as a cool guy in my book, though. How many opposing players would actually do this with a fan, let alone respond to one?

Another question is whether Turco will be disciplined by the NHL for his actions. Exhibit 14.2 of the NHL CBA states that “Gambling on NHL game is prohibited.” Granted, commissioner Gary Bettman is not nearly as tyrannical as other commissioners like the NBA’s David Stern or the NFL’s Roger Goodell, so I would be shocked if there was harsh discipline or even a large fine.

Here is the audio of the fan who bet Turco, via the radio show “Game Points with Matthew Ross” on Team 990:

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Play of the Day – 4/1/11

Top Play: John Mayberry Jr. hits a walk off single to win game for Phillies

Nothing better than seeing a pinch hitter get the job done when his team needs him most.

Runner-up: Corey Crawford saves lead to Kane goal

This is two-way hockey at it’s finest.

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Play of the Day – 3/31/11

Top Play: Ben Eager five-holes himself for goal

The former Hawks’ enforcer takes a pass and converts it to one of the best goals of the year.

Runner-up: Jacob Tucker wins NCAA dunk contest

The Illini should get this guy to transfer.

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