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Wonders of the Web: RapGenius.com

I’m sure most of you hip-hop fans are familiar with Jay-Z’s latest book release, Decoded, which chronicled the basis and the meanings of lyrics from one of hip-hop’s most bright and powerful artists. RapGenius.com brings what Jay-Z brought to the table with decoded, but with almost any artist you’d like. Want to know what the hell Lupe Fiasco is rapping about in “Dumb it Down”? RapGenius has all the answers.

Click on any word/phrase/bar and a pop-up appears, along with an explanation or two (or six) about the lyric(s).

How does it work, you ask? Well, as the site itself points out, RapGenius is “A hip-hop Wikipedia“. Users can create accounts and get points (called RapIQ) every time one contributes an explanation to a song. If you can accumulate enough points, you may one day be able to edit anything on the site, a la Wikipedia. Additionally, if you can’t find a song you are looking for, you have the option of adding a song to the website. In no time, your song will likely be explained by the hoards of lyric “geniuses” on RapGenius.

Go ahead, try it out. I guarantee you’ll spend hours reading and finally figuring out what your favorite artist has been spitting about all this time.


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