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Chi Side’s 2011 NBA Mock Draft

The 2011 NBA Draft takes place on on thursday, June 23 and we here at Chi Side love making predictions. Here are Blake and Bojda’s picks for the entire first round of the 2011 NBA Draft.

Number one overall, Cleveland Cavaliers:

They select: Kyrie Irving, G, Duke

The Cavs should select Williams at number one overall. In my opinion, he is a Blake Griffin-type of player: crazy athleticism with a wide range of skills. Williams can hit the three, he can play defense, and he can finish. Kyrie Irving seems extremely injury prone already. No team wants to deal with another Greg Oden situation. It’s also important to note that Cleveland also has rights to the fourth overall pick as well. So, if they can snag Williams here they can go for a guard later. However, I can see them going for Irving here to solidify their point guard position instead of possibly taking a riskier player like Brandon Knight or even Kemba Walker.

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2011 NBA Draft Stock Watch: Rising and Falling

There’s no doubt that the NCAA Tournament is where players make their final impressions on NBA scouts. Every year there are usually a few players who go from relative nobodies to the first round or even the lottery (see: Gordon Hayward). Then there are those players who play themselves out of the lottery or the first round. This year’s tourney was no different. We saw a variety of players improve their stock dramatically while some played themselves into another year of college. Here are my top risers and fallers for the 2011 NBA Draft:

Click here to see who improved or hurt their stock

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Play of the Day – 3/24/11

Top Play: Emeka Okafor circus shot buzzer beater to force OT

I don’t think Okafor has ever taken a shot from this deep in his entire life until last night. What’s more impressive is how off-balance he was to still bank it in. Fortunately New Orleans beat the Jazz in overtime 121-117.

Runner-up: Derrick Williams’ put back dunk on Duke

After watching yesterday’s game, Derrick Williams = GOD (and the first overall pick)!

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Play of the Day – 3/20/11

Top Play: Arizona’s Derrick Williams seals game with three-point play

This kid is playing himself into the top two picks of this year’s NBA Draft. He should probably slow down before he ends up in Cleveland.

Runner-up: Clayton Stoner destroys Ryan White

Is there a sicker name than Clayton Stoner? Well, besides Cal Clutterbuck I don’t think there is.

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Play of the Day – 3/12/11

Here are today’s top plays:

Play of the Day: Washington’s Isaiah Thomas’ buzzer beater to beat Arizona

Gus Johnson + anything = greatness. Move over Kemba Walker, we have yet another step-back jumper to end a game in the last few days. Isaiah Thomas’ buzzer beater upset #15 Arizona Wildcats to win the Pac-10 Tournament. Enjoy.

Runner-up: Princeton’s Douglas Davis’ buzzer beater to beat Harvard

Two buzzer beaters in one day? Thank you, Jesus!

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