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Kanye West claims that there will be a G.O.O.D. Music album in Spring 2012

Kanye West just tweeted from his seldom used Twitter account that his label G.O.O.D. Music will be releasing an album come Spring 2012. What can be better than an album full of Kanye, Common, Big Sean bars with the addition of some Kid Cudi hooks? Not much. Hopefully Yeezy isn’t just teasing us, because an album like this will be EPIC.


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Video: Common “Ghetto Dreams” f/ Nas

Dope song, decent video. First single off of Common’s upcoming album, The Dreamer, The Believer.

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Video: Jon Stewart & Bill O’Reilly debate Fox News/Common

I’m sure all of you heard about Faux Fox News’ report on rapper Common performing at the White House. If not, here’s the rundown: Fox basically criticized President Obama and Michelle for hosting a “vile rapper” at the White House who supposedly “kills cops” and all that rubbish. Fox based all of its claims on one of Common’s poetry readings from 2007, called “A Letter to the Law”.

Anyways, Jon Stewart defended Common on his show recently, which sparked a fire in Bill O’Reilly who then challenged Stewart to a debate. The second part of the debate is down below. Enjoy.

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Song of the Day

Common-Follow Me

Common needs no introduction. From the South Side of Chicago, a guy that has truly stuck to his roots throughout his career, he’s in my top 5 all time. This song was recorded a while ago (10 years apparently, it just never made a Common album) and was finally given some life on DJ Eves I Know What You Did Last Mixtape, mixtape. Produced by Kanye West (Yeah, now you know it’s old since he rarely produces now), the two pair up for another great song. Common’s story telling is unmatched, and he has a nice flow on this one. Take a listen below, and click the link for the download of the tagless (no annoying DJ screaming over every bar) version.


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Lupe Fiasco at House of Blues 3/26/11

“I don’t wanna care right know,” I really don’t, but Lupe Fiasco’s “Record Release Party” at the House of Blues in Chicago last night was absolutely awful. To show you just how bad it was, I’ll give you the run down.

All times are approximations

7:57 PM– Arrive at the House of Blues to find a line still outside waiting to get in, even though doors opened at 7:30. Good sign, the show is sold out. Lupe gets more hyped with a bigger crowd, and at capacity, the House of Blues is a pretty big crowd. I start drooling. Wasalu hasn’t had a show in Chicago for about a year, and I haven’t seen him for almost three. I take off my jacket to reveal my ’06 black St. Alfred “Listen to Lupe” shirt; which I chose to wear after anticipating large pit stains (which is normal for me) and hoping Lupe would spot me in the crowd and thank me for being such a dedicated fan.

8:30 PM– DJ Broadway Streetz and his hype man are doing an awesome job. Throwing on tracks such as Common’s “The Food” and Jay Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls,” the crowd is mouthing the lyrics, bobbing their heads up and down to the beat, and waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care. This show is going to be legendary. I feel it.

Was the show legendary?


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