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NFL Week 11 Picks

Last week was easily the worst week I’ve had all year. Almost all the dogs won outright! Vegas made bank, son. Let’s try and take some of that green back this week.

Tucci’s Week 11 Picks (78-66-4, Lock of the Week 6-4, +305 units)

Titans +3 at Jaguars 5 units

Colts +5 at Falcons 10 units

Once again, I can’t stand by the Falcons when they’re giving up more than a field goal. This team just doesn’t score as much as they should offensively, in addition to the fact that I sort of like Indianapolis a bit more with old man Hasselbeck at the helm. He’s nowhere near as skilled as Andrew Luck, but he’s also nowhere near as ballsy which is what has partially ruined Luck’s season this year. He just wasn’t taking care of the ball.

Ravens -2.5 vs Rams 5 units

This game is set perfectly. I’m almost positive this will come down to a field goal. Both of these teams are built to stop each other defensively – the Rams are an all-around defense while the Ravens haven’t allowed more than 2 games with over 100 yards rushing. St. Louis is starting Case Keenum, which should be interesting, but I still can’t imagine he’s going to annihilate a below average Ravens secondary. The Rams just don’t have the personnel to do so. I like the Ravens here, simply because they’ve been getting unlucky the entire season.

Redskins +7.5 at Panthers 10 units

Man, if I can’t win this one it’s probably the last time I’m picking against the Panthers for the rest of the season. Vegas is juicing the Skins’ line, so I like it as well as the fact that Washington just hangs around every game they play. They have an underrated defense and offense. QB Kirk Cousins isn’t bad, he’s just average, which should be good enough for them to stay within a TD.

The Skins enjoy grind out games, and this will be one of them, as Cam Newton still has no one to throw to 11 weeks into the season.

Broncos -1 at Bears 20 units

The Bears have been proving both me and David wrong in the past 4 games. Are they actually a solid team? Unfortunately, yes, meaning the Bears will probably be out of the running for a top 10 draft pick the team so desperately needs. Chicago has a fantastic coaching staff on all phases – just not the personnel to be elite. Denver will be starting that asshole from Twilight, Brock Osweiler, who has shown some stuff every time he’s got to play. He sucked last week in relief of the awful Peyton Manning, but I will give him a pass since he was thrown into the game abruptly. My one concern here is the John Fox and Adam Gase’s knowledge of the Denver system, which may make it easier to foil their elite defense and perplex the debut of Osweiler as a starter. However, I don’t believe stud WR Alshon Jeffery will be suiting up, leaving Cutler without anyone except Martellus Bennett to toss it to. If Jeffery does play, I would consider betting the other side.

Lions -1 vs Raidahs 5 units

This has trap bet written all over it. The public has to be favoring Oakland here, right? The caveat here is it’s another west-to-east game, which bodes well for the home team. Not to mention Detroit is built to a team constructed like the Raiders, who have an awful secondary. This one should be a shootout.

Jets -3 at Texans 25 units

I think the Jets are getting fantastic value here. Not only are they coming off a long week, but Houston is coming off a grind-it-out Monday Night Football affair in which they shockingly upset the formerly undefeated Bengals. There’s huge letdown potential from them after such a big win. Oh, they also came off the bye for that game as well, which always seems to make a difference. Can we really trust T.J. Yates? Revis needs to stay on Nuk Hopkins all game if the Jets want to take this one.

Dolphins +1 vs Cowboys 5 units

I don’t like this game one bit. It’s hard to get a read on the Cowboys, who have Tony Romo coming back since his injury in Week 2. Will he be rusty? Is he fully recovered? I don’t like laying money on teams with too many question marks. Stay away.

Eagles -6 vs Buccaneers 25 units

I can’t help but take the Eagles every week considering the flashes they show. As soon as Mark Sanchez stepped into the game for the oft-injured Sam Bradford, the Eagles offense looked how it did in 2014: quick throws, quick first downs, and constant red zone trips. Sanchez might be what the Eagles need right now – a QB that can actually use his legs, something Sam Bradford was never able to do. Chip Kelly’s system really favors running QBs, as the read option keeps the defense honest, opening up the passing lanes at will if run successfully.

On the other hand, I hate trusting Jameis Winston against a talented defensive front that causes turnovers. Would it shock you if he threw four picks tomorrow? Wouldn’t shock me.

Chargers +3 vs Chiefs 15 units

There’s still something stinky to me about this Chiefs team. Yes, they just destroyed the Broncos last week, but can we really put it all on Kansas City? Peyton Manning was literally handing them field position on a silver platter and the Chiefs took advantage. Also I LOVE teams off bye, especially home dogs off a bye.

Niners +13.5 at Seahawks 10 units

Another bye week team getting major points. Last week we saw Houston dismantle Cincinnati as 11 point dogs, this week I like the Niners to stay within 10 of an overrated Seahawks squad that has looked extremely beatable at home this entire season.

Cardinals -4.5 vs Bengals 5 units

We all saw what Andy Dalton looks like in a primetime game once again last week. The Red BB Gun will suck, I’m sure of it.

Bills +7.5 at Patriots 5 units

I feel the Patriots are extremely vulnerable whenever Vegas doesn’t make them double digit favorites. I think Brady will have a real tough time in the pocket this week and should throw a pick or two. Pats by 3.

Tucci’s Lock of the Week

Packers +1 at Vikings 75 units

For real, can Aaron Rodgers really lose four in a row? No way in hell. The Vikings are a great team, no doubt, but changes must’ve been made in Green Bay this week. I expect Rodgers to be dinking and dunking down the field all day in Minny. Linval Joseph and that defensive line aren’t anything to mess with, and Rodgers hopefully will get the ball out of his hands as soon as humanly possible.

David’s Week 11 Picks (71-73-4, Lock of the Week 6-4-0, +52.5 units)

Titans +3 at Jaguars 5 units

Colts +5 at Falcons 10 units

Ravens -2.5 vs Rams 15 units

Panthers -7.5 vs Redskins 30 units

Lions -1 vs Raiders 10 units

Texans +3 vs Jets 50 units

Cowboys -1 at Dolphins 5 units

Eagles -6 vs Buccaneers 35 units

Chargers +3 vs Chiefs 5 units

Packers +1 at Vikings 5 units

Niners +13.5 at Seahawks 40 units

Bengals +4.5 at Cardinals 20 units

Patriots -7.5 vs Bills 10 units

David’s Lock of the Week

Broncos -1 at Bears 70 units

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NFL Week 10 Picks

Tucci’s Week 10 Picks (74-56-4, Lock of the Week 6-3, +450 units)

Jets -2 vs Bills 5 units

Jaguars +5 at Ravens 5 units

I’m going against  a few of my personal rules with this pick. Usually, I never pick against a home team off the bye, but I’m really high on this Jags team that can really air it out, which is the Ravens biggest flaw on defense. Allen Robinson is damn near uncoverable, so I’m expecting a huge day once again from him and Bortles. This one should be decided by a field goal.

Packers -10.5 vs Lions 15 units

Whoa boy, you have to think the Packers are going to be pissed coming into this one, right? After a tough loss to the Panthers, the Packers offense should feel good against a shitty Lions defense. Despite the Lions coming off a bye, they just don’t have the personnel to cover in a game where Rodgers can potentially throw five TDs.

Eagles -6 vs Dolphins 25 units

EAGLES BABY! The birds covered last week for my 75 unit Lock pick, looking great on offense in the process. It only took 9 weeks for people to realize that Sam Bradford wasn’t the entire problem. The onus can be attributed to his slippery-handed receivers. I expect Bradford to get tons of time in the pocket once again, you just have to hope his WRs aren’t droppy as usual. The Dolphins are very run heavy under interim head coach Dan Campbell, which doesn’t bode well against an elite run-stopping Eagles defense. Eagles by 14.

Browns +5.5 at Steelers 5 units

If Josh McCown is back in the fold, I immediately feel this Browns team is undervalued by Vegas in this match up as well as this entire season. Johnny Crackhead actually looked alright as a pocket passer at times against Cincy, but I wouldn’t fully invest on the Browns unless McCown is in. Pittsburgh will be without Big Ben, so it wouldn’t shock me if DeAngelo Williams were to set the rushing record against this porous defense. But I still expect the Browns to keep it close through an aerial attack, especially with McCown. Continue reading

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NFL Week 9 Picks

Last week was predictably tough, as I finished only 5-8-1 and down 70 units (the first week I went negative on the season). This week, things are looking up and I’m a bit more confident in my picks. Go Eagles.

Tucci’s Week 9 Picks (66-51-4, Lock of the Week 5-3, +370 units)

Browns +11.5 at Bengals 5 units

Bills -3 vs Dolphins 20 units

Both teams in this one had an extended break, the Bills off a bye and the Dolphins off a Thursday contest. The Bills are getting Tyrod Taylor back, so I like them especially at home. Hopefully their defense can get back to the level it was at the beginning of the season. Miami lost arguably the best edge rusher in the game in Cam Wake last week, which should let Tyrod Taylor get more opportunities to make plays with his feet.

Rams +1 at Vikings 10 units

The entire game depends on the Rams’ run blocking. Akin to LSU, the Rams place the entire offense on the shoulders of its running back, rookie stud Todd Gurley. The Vikings have a tough defense, especially at home, but I can’t see them constantly stopping Gurley in this one. However, if they do get into the backfield, the Rams will have a lot of trouble putting points on the board and will likely lose the game.

Patriots -14 vs Redskins 20 units

Fuck it, this Pats offense is just too on fire to bet against. The Skins seem to take an epic journey every time they reach the end zone, and I just don’t like the idea of Kirk Cousins having to drop back 55 times in a game. Pats by 17.

Titans +7.5 at Saints 5 units

I hate betting on new coaching staffs, but you have to think the Titans are going to make at least a marginal improvement, right? They were pretty boring offensively ever since Marcus Mariota’s four-touchdown debut. The Saints have a Swiss cheese defense, so I like the Titans to stay within a score here.

Jaguars +8 at Jets 15 units

I love teams off the bye. The Jets defense was dismantled by a pass-heavy Raidahs offense, and the Jags are structured similarly. Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has a tear in his non-throwing hand, which can negatively affect things for the Jets as well. Continue reading

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NFL Week 8 Picks

Another week is in the books, and it was yet another week where I was over .500 and positive in units (8-6-0, +70u)! I’m not a big fan of this week’s slate of games, I feel Vegas is going to come really close on a lot of these games.

Tucci’s Week 8 Picks (61-42-3, Lock of the Week 5-2-0, +440 units)

Patriots -8 vs Dolphins 10 units

Lions +3.5 at Chiefs (London) 5 units

This is a real tough one, specifically because it’s at a neutral stadium. Both of these teams are pretty *trash emoji*, but I feel like this would be a gimme if Kansas City was at Arrowhead. The Lions are structurally built to beat the Chiefs. Detroit LOVES to air that shit out. Stafford blindly throws the football to Megatron and friends all day. Kansas City’s secondary is on its last legs. I’m not convinced the Chiefs could move the ball down the field easily without Jamaal Charles, either. Detroit HAS to cover, right? Right?

Falcons -7.5 vs Buccaneers 5 units

I can’t even make a case for the Falcons covering here, but I have an inkling Vegas knows shit I don’t. The Falcons have looked very mediocre the past few weeks, barely edging out a Zach Mettenberger-led Titans team last week and losing to a bad Saints team the week prior. I actually think Atlanta’s defense will perplex Jameis in this one, causing him to cough up the ball a few times en route to some scores and a blowout. What scares me is if Tampa Bay gets Doug Martin going early, which can spell trouble for not only the Falcons chances to cover but to win the game outright.

Ravens -3.5 vs Chargers 5 units

Historically NFL teams who travel West to East don’t fare well. I don’t like the Ravens very much this year, but they should have no problem running all over the Chargers generous run defense. Continue reading

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2015-16 NBA Win Totals

Me and David love to bet, so we decided to make our predictions on NBA win totals. The format below goes by: 2014 record/2014 projection/2015 projection. One interesting tidbit we’ve uncovered: if you were to just bet the UNDER for every team listed last season, you’d go 16-13-1.

Atlanta Hawks – (60-22) – 41.5 – 50

Prediction: OVER

We’ll see just how important DeMarre Carroll was to this team. But most of this team’s core is intact with Teague, Millsap, Korver, and Horford all returning. Sure, they definitely overachieved, beating their projected total by 18.5 wins, but 10 games seems like a lot to me for a team that stays largely intact. These guys are basically the Spurs East to me without the star recognition.

Boston Celtics – (40-42) – 26.5 – 45.5

Prediction: UNDER

Don’t get me wrong, I love Brad Stevens as a coach and this team got hot at the end of last year but this team was already overachieving a lot. 45 wins are a lot to ask for a team without too much talent in the front-court.

Brooklyn Nets – (38-44) – 41.5 – 27.5

Prediction: UNDER

27.5 wins is generous for a team that will start Shane Larkin and Bogdan Bogdanovic for a good part of the early season and will be playing on the road for 11 of their first 16 games. After that brutal stretch they might be a little more convinced to blow it up and start the real tanking. Throw in an inefficient Joe Johnson and an injury-prone Brook Lopez and you have a recipe for disaster.

Charlotte Hornets – (33-49) – 45 – 34

Projection: UNDER

I don’t see any reason to think this team will be any better or worse than last year. They’ve lost MKG for potentially the whole season, so they’ll be struggling on defense. Keep an eye on Nic Batum and P.J. Hairston, as the Hornets record is very dependent on how they perform this year.

Chicago Bulls – (50-32) – 54.5 – 50

Projection: UNDER

On paper the players all sound great in the lineup other than Tony Snell, but there are a lot of reasons why the Bulls can miss 50 wins. Do we really trust Derrick Rose to stay healthy for a full season? They might be able to score a ton of points (key word might), but can you imagine how disastrous the interior defense will be when they have those McDermott, Mirotic, Gasol lineups out there? Even if they outperform expectations, will there really be that much of an incentive to keep winning games once they have a playoffs spot locked up and teams like Atlanta, Cleveland, and Toronto are out of reach? Continue reading

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Week 7 NFL Picks

Once again, I had no time to do any real research last week, but I still managed to go positive in units and 6-7-1 and I fucked up my Lock of the Week. This week I was able to take in a good amount of game film and hopefully I can be back to over .500 again.

Tucci’s Week 7 Picks (53-36-3, Lock of the Week 4-2-0, +360 units)

Seahawks -6.5 at Niners 5 units

Jaguars +4.5 vs Bills (London) 5 units

I’m not buying this Bills squad when it’s led by E.J. Manuel. He’s pretty awful at throwing the football, forcing the Bills to go run heavy while facing a defense that’s above average against the run. The Jags seem to always jag in any game I pick them to cover, but that means they’re due, right?

Lions +2 vs Vikings 5 units

This number has trap written all over it. The average fan would think the Vikes take this game easy, but I feel Detroit can turn on their offense and put points up on the board. Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t seem to be built to score in bunches (he wins grind outs). I feel the Lions score early and often and the Purple People Eaters won’t be able to climb back.

Colts -4 vs Saints 15 units

There’s definitely value to be had on the Colts here, as they keep losing which may equate to losing respect in Vegas. This one will be a barn burner, but I can’t trust the shaky Saints offense to keep up with Andrew Luck, who has been steadily improving after a below average start to the season. Drew Brees looks washed, fam. I can’t comfortably bet the Saints against an offensive juggernaut.

Chiefs -3 vs Steelers 10 units

The public is going to be heavy on the Steelers here, I’d imagine, after the Chiefs blew yet another close game and the Steelers did the opposite, beating an upstart Cardinals team after Landry Jones relieved Mike Vick’s wack ass midway through the game. Jones isn’t much better than Vick, and I feel the Chiefs can’t possibly blow another one at home.

Dolphins -4 vs Texans 5 units

I’m still wary to fully invest in this Dolphins team. Miami looked fantastical in its game against Tennessee last week, putting up an eyebrow raising 38 points under new head coach Dan Campbell and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle. Do teams have enough information on their game plan now? It’s possible, but I’ll still take the Phins at home against a pretty shitty team. The upside is just too high.

Jets +7.5 at Patriots 25 units

I really really like this Jets team. This team seems to have all of the important phases of the game figured out (strong defense, strong run game). Brady and his shapeshifting offensive line will have little time to throw. A little birdy tells me that Brady is going to get hit A LOT in this one. The Jets will give New England a patented scare at home. Can see a last-second field goal deciding this one.

Browns +6.5 at Rams 10 units

I think the Rams take this game for sure, but at a margin closer to 4 rather than 6-7. The Rams are coming off a bye and are at home, two great signs. Also, word to Todd Gurley’s fantasy owners: whip out your cocks, daddy ordered a 20 piece. Gurley should absolutely feast on a generous Cleveland run defense. Too bad I can’t trust the volatile Nicky Foles, otherwise I’d be all over the Rams ATS. Take them in your eliminator pool though!

Falcons -6 at Titans 10 units

Can Wacky Zacky Mettenberger pull off the unthinkable and cover in a spot start against one of the hottest teams in the NFL? I don’t think so. He wasn’t bad at all as a rookie, but I just can’t see him keeping up with the high-flying Falcons offense for 60 minutes.

Redskins -3.5 vs Buccaneers 20 units

I think this Skins team has a better-than-you-think defense. The run defense is stout, and the DBs know how to strip and force fumbles. This Bucs team is still young and heavily reliant on the run. First overall pick Jameis has looked like a rookie thus far. I think the Skins control time of possession easily and win by 6.

Raidahs +3.5 at Chargahs 10 units

This game scares me, as San Diego has looked quite strong the last two weeks (despite losing). The Raiders, however, are coming off a bye and will likely have enough fans in San Diego to turn this into a neutral site game. Rivers generally struggles against Oakland, even when they were bad, so I like this one to be close.

Cowboys +3 at Giants 5 units

This is a toss up to me, but I think Matt Cassel may surprise and toss a few tuddies in this one. The Cowboys defense is strong, and I feel Eli will continue to struggle throwing the ball.

Ravens +10 at Cardinals 25 units

How in the world? The Cardinals are good, but they’re not THIS good. I can’t see the Cardinals losing in any scenario here, but I think the Ravens have lost too many close games to be considered a double digit dog against anyone other than maybe the Patriots. This seems like free money.

Tucci’s Lock of the Week

Panthers -3 vs Eagles 50 units

Are we missing something here about the Eagles? I can no longer trust Sammy B after last week’s mess, even though they covered by a mile (and I made money off it!). The Panthers defense is as legit as it gets, and I don’t see Demarco Murray finding any easy running lanes here. The Eagles front line on defense looked as strong as anyone’s last week, but putting a mobile QB like Cam Newton in the mix throws a monkey wrench into the whole situation. I just can’t see the Eagles consistently putting up points due to poor ball protection. Panthers by a lot.

David’s Week 7 Picks (44-45-3, Lock of the Week 4-2-0, +72.5 units)

Niners +6.5 vs Seahawks 5 units

Jaguars +4.5 vs Bills (London) 10 units

Lions +2 vs Vikings 10 units

Colts -4 vs Saints 5 units

Chiefs -3 vs Steelers 5 units

Texans +4 at Miami 5 units

Jets +7.5 at Patriots 5 units

Browns +6.5 at Rams 5 units

Falcons -6 at Titans 5 units

Buccaneers +3.5 at Redskins 5 units

Raiders +3.5 at Chargers 5 units

Giants -3 vs Cowboys 5 units

Panthers -3 vs Eagles 5 units

David’s Lock of the Week

Ravens +10 at Cardinals 20 units

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Week 6 NFL Picks

Last week was a shitshow, as both I and David were BUSY AS FUCK and couldn’t properly make any analysis for the games. I literally made my picks at 11:55 AM on Sunday. And I still went 6-5-2 not including Thursday. And I hit that Lock (Pats -8.5 at Cowboys) boa. I barely have enough time for analysis this week, and. David got a shitty job with shitty hours so he’s no longer able to write his generally wrong analysis. So here goes it.

Tucci’s Week 6 Picks (45-31-2, Lock of the Week 4-1-0, +345 units)

Falcons -3.5 at Saints 5 units

Bengals -3.5 at Bills 20 units

Is Vegas really giving the Bills this much of a shot with E.J. Manuel at the helm? This guy was benched for just about everyone in recent memory. LeSean McCoy is not 100%, and his backups aren’t shit either. I don’t see how this Bengals team is only a 3.5 favorite but whatever.

Vikings -4.5 vs Chiefs 25 units

I really like this Vikings team. It seems undervalued, especially at home against a team that just lost against one of the bottom 3 teams in the league in the Bears, as well as losing the heart of its offense, Jamaal Charles, to a torn ACL. The Vikings should have no problems scoring. The opposite goes for the Chiefs.

Jaguars -1.5 vs Texans 5 units

Both of these teams are pretty bad, but I’m more confident in Jacksonville’s scoring ability at this point, since neither of these teams can defend for shit. Expect about 45 Arian Foster/Nuk Hopkins touches in this one. Hopefully they only get 2 TDs instead of 4.

Lions -3 vs Bears 20 units

Yes, the Lions got anally probed last week by the Cardinals (42 points given up at Ford Field). But a lot of it had to do with fluky turnovers by the Lions. Matt Stafford threw 3 picks, but only one of them was a truly awful throw. Everything seemed to be going wrong for the Lions and I don’t think that will happen two weeks in a row. This is also the point when their schedule opens up, as they’ve faced San Diego, Minnesota, Denver, Seattle and Arizona to start the season, all top flight passing defenses. Somehow the Bears rank in the top 5 for this, but we all know they’re really not that good. It’s the Bears! Lions bounce back and win 24-20.

Redskins +7 at Jets 10 units

The Foreskins have been a cover machine this year, it seems. It wasn’t easy picking against a team that’s coming off a bye and is playing at home, but I feel 7 is a bit much to give against a team that generally stays in games. Both of these teams are run oriented and defensive, so I just don’t see this getting out of hand either way.

Steelers +4.5 vs Cardinals 5 units

This game has trap bet written all over it. I’d have to imagine the public is HEAVY on Arizona here, after what they’ve been doing to opponents so far this season. Pittsburgh barely beat a weak San Francisco team, but I really feel like the value here lies in playing at Pittsburgh, a hostile environment. As long as the Steelers can protect the football, they should be able to stay within reach the entire game. The Cardinals have been blessed with great starting field position in a lot of games they’ve played, which led to their big scores.

Titans -1.5 vs Dolphins 5 units

You’d be a psychopath to lay any large amount of money on this game. The Dolphins have basically hit the reset button, so will they be as awesome as they could be? Or will they be even worse than before? I’ll take the home favorite all day here.

Seahawks -7 vs Panthers 5 units

This is my hate game of the week. These two teams are constructed very similarly. Seattle has been looking very beatable as of late, but I feel this will be a statement game for them after pretty much blowing the game against Detroit last time at home. Carolina will struggle to find any sort of offense in this one I feel.

Packers -10.5 vs Chargers 5 units

Can anyone comfortably take a team playing at Lambeau right now? I can’t.

Niners +2 vs Ravens 10 units

Both of these teams are a mess, but I feel the Niners defense is a different beast at home. The Ravens are banged up on offense and may have to resort to their 2nd string players at all key position other than QB, which is a recipe for disaster.

Colts +9.5 vs Patriots 5 units

This might be the game Vegas makes a killing on. There’s no doubt the public has to be at least 90% in on New England. I also like this to be the Andrew Luck bounce back game we’ve been waiting for all season. Patriots will win in a shootout, but not by much.

Eagles -4.5 vs Giants 10 units

The Eagles are this year’s R-E-L-A-X team. It wasn’t smart to think they’d be scoring 35 a game from Week 1 with an entirely new crop of players on offense. It’s Week 6 and the offensive line is finally coming around, so I think the Eagles murder the Giants here both through the air and ground.

Tucci’s Lock of the Week

Broncos -4.5 at Browns 35 units

Peyton’s noodle ass arm makes these Broncos games automatically close it seems, but the difference for me this week will be the Swiss cheese Browns defense that may finally allow fantasy bust C.J. Anderson to finally top 3.5 yards per carry this year. If Manning can get his run game going, he should be able to lead this offense to at least 5 red zone trips. Josh McCown played the game of his life last week, throwing for 457 yards on a weakened Ravens defense. I’d be shocked if McCown threw for even half that on this elite Denver D. Broncs by a lot.

David’s Week 6 Picks (37-39-2, Lock of the Week 4-1-0, +87.5 units)

Falcons -3.5 at Saints 5 units

Broncos -4.5 at Browns 5 units

Bengals -3.5 at Bills 5 units

Chiefs +4.5 at Vikings 5 units

Jaguars -1.5 vs Texans 5 units

Bears +3 at Lions 5 units

Steelers +4.5 vs Cardinals 5 units

Titans -1.5 vs Dolphins 10 units

Panthers +7 at Seahawks 10 units

Chargers +10.5 at Packers 5 units

Niners +2 vs Ravens 5 units

Patriots -9.5 at Colts 5 units

Eagles -4.5 vs Giants 5 units

David’s Lock of the Week

Redskins +7 at Jets 20 units

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