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2011 NBA Finals: Chi Side’s Predictions

Happy Playoffs! For over a month now we have been given the opportunity to watch one of the best playoffs in NBA history, and they all come to an end with this series. Here’s the schedule, and click after the jump to check out Blake and my series predictions.

Best of seven (2-3-2 format)

Game 1 — Tue May 31, Dallas at /Miami 9 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 2 — Thu June 2, Dallas at Miami 9 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 3 — Sun June 5, Miami at Dallas 8 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 4 — Tue June 7, Miami at Dallas 9 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 5* — Thu June 9, Miami at Dallas 9 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 6* — Sun June 12, Dallas at Miami 8 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 7* — Tue June 14, Dallas at Miami 9 p.m. ET, ABC
*If necessary

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Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat Playoff Schedule

Here’s the Eastern Conference Final Schedule. Let’s go Bulls!

Bulls vs. Heat

Game 1 – Sun  May 15    Miami at Bulls,  7
Game 2 – Wed  May 18    Miami at Bulls,  7:30
Game 3 – Sun  May 22    Bulls at Miami, 7:30
Game 4 – Tue  May 24    Bulls at Miami, 7:30
Game 5 * Thu  May 26    Miami at Bulls,  7:30
Game 6 * Sat  May 28    Bulls at Miami, 7:30
Game 7 * Mon  May 30    Miami at Bulls,  7:30

*if necessary
Bold=Home Games
All games on TNT and ESPN Radio.

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Song of the Day

I’m bacccckkkkkkkkk. Sorry for my time away from the site, I know dealing with Blake’s music is very difficult. Finals are basically over for me though, so be ready for a steady flow of posts.

Tupac-Troublesome ’96

“We’re guerrillas in this criminal war, we all rebels”

With all this Osama news and many people flocking to conspiracy theories connecting the week’s events to the “New World Order” and the organization known as “Illuminati,” I bring you someone who has also been connected to Illuminati in the past. I won’t get into my personal beliefs, or explain the whole Tupac/Illuminati story (Google it), instead I give you “Troublesome ’96,” released on Pac’s Greatest Hits album.

Murder murder my mind states shit ain’t change since my last rhyme
The crime rate ain’t decline
Niggas bustin’ shots like they lost their mind
Like twenty-five to life never crossed their mind

Always one who chose substance over what was currently poppin’, Troublesome is no different. Tupac was one of the greatest ever, and he did so much more than just rap. A hood prophet who was always looking out for everyone around him, he accepted his “superstar” label and took it to a completely different level. RIP.

BTW, click all my links YALL.

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Song of the Day

Talib Kweli-Lonely People

Here’s the date Blake was talking about. We saw Talib Kweli, member of Blackstar and a hip hop legend, at the Canopy Club in Urbana last Friday night. The show was great, with Talib playing most of The Beautiful Struggle (probably his best album top to bottom) and showing the crowd new songs from Gutter Rainbows and even an unreleased song with DJ/Producer 9th Wonder. The energy Talib brings to the stage is just about unmatched, and the live band that accompanied him was terrific. A top 3 hip hop show that I’ve been too.

The video is self recorded, so sorry if the quality isn’t the best… I got pretty excited when I heard the Lonely People track come on. Download here.

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The Making of Nudie Jeans

The lack of fashion posts probably makes you wonder why we include “fashion” in our blog description. Well, that’s on me, I promised to bring fashion to Chiside at least once a week, and I’ve failed to do so. And since Blake has trouble dressing himself, we can’t blame him for the lack of posts.

It’s a new day though, and from now on, be on the look out for a stronger effort from me in terms of covering fashion. I’ll post cool videos, stories, new lines coming out, anything I find. Feel free to give suggestions as well.

The post today is about the making of Nudie Jeans. Nudie specializes in raw and prewashed denim jeans, originating in Gothenburg, Sweden. The jeans are actually produced in Italy though, with denim fabrics coming in from the US, Japan, and Turkey. On the Nudie website, the production process is described as:

“Design goes beyond creating just a product that serves to fulfil a need or a function. The philosophy of Nudie Jeans is to become part of your dreams. Jeans have a natural built-in dream and attitude.”

Not really descriptive. But if you’re interested, here’s a video that details the whole process, start to finish. It’s insane to see the amount of specialization that is present all over the world, and the amount of work that goes into producing a single pair of jeans.

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Song of the Day

Pharoahe Monch-W.A.R. (feat. Immortal Technique and Vernon Reid)

We Are Renegades (or W.A.R.) is the latest album released from the defiant MC, Pharoahe Monch. The album features a bunch of bangers, with Monch’s intricate and intelligent lyrics taking the front seat. You don’t see many people in today’s game with the complex lyrics and complex delivery (featuring Shakespearean like rhyme schemes that make you wonder why he didn’t become an english teacher) of Troy Jamerson. It’s refreshing listening to someone rap about resonant issues (such as the Cairo Protests and the misadventures many encounter in the less fortunate areas of the world).

The song, W.A.R., is one of my favorites on the CD. With features from underground legend Immortal Technique and number 66 on Rolling Stones all time greatest guitarists, Vernon Reid, the song gets you thinking about “limited freedom” towards certain groups of people and other ways the government is waging “a war against consciousness.” When Immortal Technique starts rapping I admit I get a little excited, after meeting him at Rock The Bells ’08 I could tell you he’s a real dude that’s not worried about pissing anybody off. Vernon Reid rips a solo towards the end of the song that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Listen to this song, and give the Queens MC some love, he’s been making quality music for almost 2 decades now.

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Song of the Day

Shouts to the hater Melvin Shabazz. Didn’t understand the whole “Derrick Rose just went off in the NBA playoffs and the Bulls started what should be an amazing, long journey-so I’m gonna post a song in which the chorus is ‘I am Number One'” thing I was trying to do, so my apologies.

ANYWAYS, todays song of the day goes to up and comers on the Chicago music scene, Filligar. The band includes brothers Johnny, Teddy, and Pete Mathias, along with Casey Gibson. This is one of my favorite bands currently, and if they’re ever in the town you are, they are a must-see live. Their music is a mix of a ton of different musical genres, so the best you could do is describe their sound as an eclectic-melodious-carefree-really good one. The rare ground between being like a coffee house soundtrack you want on at all times, to a rock band that finds you singing along with every word.

Can you tell who the non-Mathias is?

Won’t say too much more about them as I plan to do an “Artist Spotlight” in the upcoming week.

“Trepador” is from the bands 5th album, and is an anthem destined to get your foot tapping and head bobbing. Available for download here.

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Song of the Day

Nelly-Number One

I understand this is the worst song I have ever posted, but give me a break, I’m still running on fumes after that Bulls victory. WOW. Derrick Rose once again put the team on his back, while Carlos Boozer did everything he could to make the Bulls lose. Whatever, a win is a win.

Back to Nelly, band aid rapper extraordinaire, he at least gives us a party anthem. The Number 1 label he places on himself was not unheard of at the time, Nelly stuck around for a solid 4-5 years of releasing top of the chart music. I don’t have much else to say about him though… so…..

WOW Derrick. I can’t wait for the rest of the playoffs. Go Boolz.


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Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers Playoff Schedule

The schedule has just been released, and here’s how it will go for the number 1 OVERALL seeded Bulls:

Game 1: Saturday, April 16th @ 1 PM CST —>ESPN
Game 2: Monday, April 18th @ 8:30 CST —>TNT
Game 3: Thursday, April 21st @ TBA —> TBA
Game 4: Saturday, April 23rd @ TBA —> TBA
Game 5: Tuesday, April 26th @ TBA —> TBA
Game 6: Thursday, April 28th @ TBA —> TBA
Game 7: Saturday, April 3oth @ TBA —> TBA


Games in bold=Played in United Center, Illinois
Games not in bold=Played in Conseco Fieldhouse, Indiana
Games in italics=If necessary

Check out our NBA Eastern Conference Preview here:


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2011 Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview

That song was made for the NBA playoffs (just ignore all the Christmas references). Happiness, excitement, tears, bruises, buzzer beaters, players buckling under the pressure, the scrutiny that the athletes go through is unparalleled. This years playoffs are expected to be one of the best ever, with about 8 stacked teams at the top, and a couple others hanging around hoping they can sneak through by catching one of those top teams off guard. With 2 days left in the regular season, the East bracket is set, and here are my picks.

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