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What the Bulls need to win their biggest game of the year

There’s no doubt that Game 3 in Miami is the Bulls’ biggest game of the year thus far. Coming off a disappointing 85-75 loss at the United Center, the Bulls must win Game 3 in order to keep the pressure off them and put it all on the Heat. The first step in winning Game 3 and the series is obviously to stop The Crybabies (Baby Bron Bron, Wittle Wade, Boshtrich), but there’s more to it than just that. Here’s what the Bulls absolutely need to do in order to close out Game 3 and the series:

  • Rebound, rebound, rebound! Did you know: The Heat have been out-rebounded in every game that they’ve lost against the Bulls. However, last game the Heat turned the tables and out-rebounded the Bulls and won the game. Also, the Heat’s top four players all had 7+ boards on their own (James: 10; Wade: 9; Bosh;  8; Miller; 7). Yes, Mike Miller somehow had the balls fall into his grasp seven times.
  • Asik and Destroy. Whenever The Turkish Delight is in the game, he seems to affect the Miami Heat offense dramatically. Last game, both Lebron and Wade had a lot of trouble getting to the basket while Asik was on the floor. Luckily, Wade was smart enough to tape a razor blade onto his elbow to take Asik out of the game.
  • You Booze(r), you lose. Game 3 should be a physical contest, and Boozer is anything but physical. Right now the only thing Boozer is good at is raising my blood pressure due to anger. Coach Thibodeau should only put him out on the floor when Bosh is out there, so these two can continue their nightly pillow fight. However, I’m pretty sure all of Chicago would rather have the Taj-ma-poster out there.
  • Hit shots. I don’t know an easier way to say it, but the Bulls were pitiful from the field last game. Brace yourself for these stats: 34% from the field, 15% from three-point land and 61.5% from the line. When Bogans and Brewer are among the top percentages from the field on your team, something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.
  • Korver. I honestly think the real Ashton Kutcher could sink more buckets. Korver went 1-7 last game from the field and 1-3 in Game 1.

Today’s theme song:

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Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat Playoff Schedule

Here’s the Eastern Conference Final Schedule. Let’s go Bulls!

Bulls vs. Heat

Game 1 – Sun  May 15    Miami at Bulls,  7
Game 2 – Wed  May 18    Miami at Bulls,  7:30
Game 3 – Sun  May 22    Bulls at Miami, 7:30
Game 4 – Tue  May 24    Bulls at Miami, 7:30
Game 5 * Thu  May 26    Miami at Bulls,  7:30
Game 6 * Sat  May 28    Bulls at Miami, 7:30
Game 7 * Mon  May 30    Miami at Bulls,  7:30

*if necessary
Bold=Home Games
All games on TNT and ESPN Radio.

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Video: Derrick Rose MVP Speech

I haven’t cried like this since I saw The Titanic.

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Song of the Day

Nelly-Number One

I understand this is the worst song I have ever posted, but give me a break, I’m still running on fumes after that Bulls victory. WOW. Derrick Rose once again put the team on his back, while Carlos Boozer did everything he could to make the Bulls lose. Whatever, a win is a win.

Back to Nelly, band aid rapper extraordinaire, he at least gives us a party anthem. The Number 1 label he places on himself was not unheard of at the time, Nelly stuck around for a solid 4-5 years of releasing top of the chart music. I don’t have much else to say about him though… so…..

WOW Derrick. I can’t wait for the rest of the playoffs. Go Boolz.


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Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers Playoff Schedule

The schedule has just been released, and here’s how it will go for the number 1 OVERALL seeded Bulls:

Game 1: Saturday, April 16th @ 1 PM CST —>ESPN
Game 2: Monday, April 18th @ 8:30 CST —>TNT
Game 3: Thursday, April 21st @ TBA —> TBA
Game 4: Saturday, April 23rd @ TBA —> TBA
Game 5: Tuesday, April 26th @ TBA —> TBA
Game 6: Thursday, April 28th @ TBA —> TBA
Game 7: Saturday, April 3oth @ TBA —> TBA


Games in bold=Played in United Center, Illinois
Games not in bold=Played in Conseco Fieldhouse, Indiana
Games in italics=If necessary

Check out our NBA Eastern Conference Preview here:


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2011 Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview

That song was made for the NBA playoffs (just ignore all the Christmas references). Happiness, excitement, tears, bruises, buzzer beaters, players buckling under the pressure, the scrutiny that the athletes go through is unparalleled. This years playoffs are expected to be one of the best ever, with about 8 stacked teams at the top, and a couple others hanging around hoping they can sneak through by catching one of those top teams off guard. With 2 days left in the regular season, the East bracket is set, and here are my picks.

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Song of the Day


CNN (Capone-N-Noreaga)

I used to have hoop dreams.  I’m not embarrassed to admit it.  Back in seventh grade, I would bring my basketball to school, play full court games at recess, and then when I got off the school bus, I would shoot around at the school by my house until sunset.  On nights that the Bulls weren’t playing, I would watch the And1 Mixtape Vol. 3 on the VHS player in my basement.  My friend Chris and I were even lucky enough to witness the filming of part of the tape at the public court at Foster Ave. and Lake Shore.  The reason I mention all of this is because I first heard today’s song of the day on the soundtrack of that And1 Mixtape.  Invincible comes off of CNN’s second album, The Reunion, which went platinum.  Capone and Nore have always been a bit overlooked and underrated, as they are rarely in the discussion with the most well-known New York City emcees.  Nevertheless, CNN made four very solid albums together.  DJ Premier, best known for being half of the legendary duo Gang Starr, and arguably the greatest hip hop producer of all time, also came through big time for CNN with this flawless instrumental.  Give it a listen.


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Bulls trade Karate Kid, Trade Rumors, Other News and Notes

Although he couldn’t shoot the ball, we all know that James Johnson could kick you square in the balls if he needed to. Yesterday the Bulls traded away MMA superstar forward James Johnson to the Toronto Raptors for Miami’s 2011 first round pick. Needless to say I was one of the few fans who thought Johnson had potential and should’ve seen more tick off the bench for the Bulls. Hopefully he’ll see a lot more time with the Raptors even though they had three small forwards before Johnson was acquired (Kleiza, Wright, Weems). The trade opens up cap space and gives the Bulls some trade bait for the deadline to acquire the coveted shooting guard we’ve been needing.
Rumor has it that the baby Bulls are looking to snag either the Houston Rockets’ Courtney Lee, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Anthony Parker (a hometown kid to boot), or Memphis Grizzlies’ O.J. Mayo. In my opinion, O.J. Mayo will cost the Bulls way too much, possibly one of our key role players like Taj Gibson. Going the cheaper route leaves Courtney Lee, who is definitely an upgrade, and Anthony Parker, who is an aging shooter. Frankly, I don’t think Parker is a good fit considering he’s 35 years old, and does what Kyle Korver does: shoot 3’s. Lee is an explosive, young talent who can drop 15-20 a night given some time to mature and the right circumstances. This guy hasn’t stayed on a single team for more than a year his whole career, and I believe in a Bulls uniform he’d flourish. Also, the Rockets are a rebuilding franchise so it wouldn’t take much more than a first round pick to get him in red and black. 
Other options that have been explored are the Nuggets’ J.R. Smith, who has as much talent as anyone in the league, but his inconsistency kills him. He can range from as low as 3 points to 30 points any given night, but unless the Nuggets want to get burned again like they did with Melo he’s not going anywhere.
Other notes:

  • Joakim Noah is due back for the Bulls tonight against the Raptors. It will be interesting to see how he fares and how much time he gets in his first game action since -believe it or not- December 15 against the Raptors. This game should be a cake walk for the Bulls so limiting Noah’s time won’t be a big deal.
  • Going from one bad team to another is former University of Illinois star Deron Williams. The New Jersey Nets acquired the high-caliber point guard in a deal that sends PG Devin Harris, forward Derrick Favors, and two first round draft picks to the Utah Jazz for Williams. In my opinion the Nets get away with grand larceny if Williams decides to stay and re-sign with them come free agency. Harris is having one of his worst years of his career and Favors has looked anything but special thus far. Granted, he’s only 19 years old, he has a long career ahead of him to prove his worth alongside big men Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson.
  • The Sacramento Kings have swapped forward Carl Landry for the New Orleans Hornets’ Marcus Thornton. Both of these teams basically have given up underachievers here.
  • Look for a complete analysis of the trade deadline in a panel-style debate, including a few guest writers in the upcoming days.


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