NFL Week 9 Picks

Last week was predictably tough, as I finished only 5-8-1 and down 70 units (the first week I went negative on the season). This week, things are looking up and I’m a bit more confident in my picks. Go Eagles.

Tucci’s Week 9 Picks (66-51-4, Lock of the Week 5-3, +370 units)

Browns +11.5 at Bengals 5 units

Bills -3 vs Dolphins 20 units

Both teams in this one had an extended break, the Bills off a bye and the Dolphins off a Thursday contest. The Bills are getting Tyrod Taylor back, so I like them especially at home. Hopefully their defense can get back to the level it was at the beginning of the season. Miami lost arguably the best edge rusher in the game in Cam Wake last week, which should let Tyrod Taylor get more opportunities to make plays with his feet.

Rams +1 at Vikings 10 units

The entire game depends on the Rams’ run blocking. Akin to LSU, the Rams place the entire offense on the shoulders of its running back, rookie stud Todd Gurley. The Vikings have a tough defense, especially at home, but I can’t see them constantly stopping Gurley in this one. However, if they do get into the backfield, the Rams will have a lot of trouble putting points on the board and will likely lose the game.

Patriots -14 vs Redskins 20 units

Fuck it, this Pats offense is just too on fire to bet against. The Skins seem to take an epic journey every time they reach the end zone, and I just don’t like the idea of Kirk Cousins having to drop back 55 times in a game. Pats by 17.

Titans +7.5 at Saints 5 units

I hate betting on new coaching staffs, but you have to think the Titans are going to make at least a marginal improvement, right? They were pretty boring offensively ever since Marcus Mariota’s four-touchdown debut. The Saints have a Swiss cheese defense, so I like the Titans to stay within a score here.

Jaguars +8 at Jets 15 units

I love teams off the bye. The Jets defense was dismantled by a pass-heavy Raidahs offense, and the Jags are structured similarly. Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has a tear in his non-throwing hand, which can negatively affect things for the Jets as well.

Steelers -5 vs Raiders 40 units

Big Ben had an awful return from injury last week against a decent Bengals defense, but it was clear he hasn’t actually recovered fully. I expect him to be a bit healthier against a worse defense in Oakland’s, one that must travel from the West to the East. I expect a huge day from the Roethlisberger-Brown connection. Raidahs QB Derek Carr may have a tough time in a hostile Pittsburgh environment at Heinz.

Panthers +3 vs Packers 10 units

The public has to think Aaron Rodgers can’t lose two in a row. News flash: he can. How often are you going to get a 8-0 undefeated as a home dog? The Panthers offense hopefully can be better this week. It slugged and trudged the ball up the field against a below average Colts D.

Niners +7.5 vs Falcons 5 units

Contrarian play of the week! The public is about 90% on the Falcons, but what have they shown us recently? They generally play down to the competition, but the public will only remember their big wins early in the year (albeit against 3 NFC East teams, plus the Texans and Redskins). Blaine Gabbert is now in the driver’s seat for San Fran, but how much worse can it get? The Niner defense is at least respectable at home.

Giants -2.5 at Buccaneers 10 units

I like the Giants after coming off an embarrassing loss. I also like betting the Bucs when they’re somewhat expected to keep it close. This team seems to only play well when they’re big dogs.

Broncos -5.5 at Colts 5 units

Ugh, I hate take more than a field goal away from the Peyton Manning-led Broncos, but I feel the Colts defense is shitty enough to let the Broncos constantly score in this one. Luck will once again suck dick for 52 minutes of this one, turning it on late to give Denver backers a light sweat.

Chargers -4 vs Bears 20 units

The Bears have looked alright against solid teams in recent weeks, losing by a small margin to Minnesota and beating Oakland. But fuck the Bears. Rivers should toss it all over them.

Tucci’s Lock of the Week

Eagles -3 at Cowboys 75 units

Even though Philly has looked somewhat of a mess at times, I trust Chip Kelly to really make use of his bye week to get this team on the right track offensively. The Eagles defense has been quite good, with the exception of No. 1 CB Byron Maxwell. I expect both teams to go very run heavy, but I don’t see Darren McFadden being efficient enough to keep the Cowboys in this one.

David’s Week 9 Picks (57-59-4, Lock of the Week 5-3-0, +62.5 units)

Browns +11.5 at Bengals 10 units

Bills -2.5 vs Dolphins 5 units

Rams +1 at Vikings 5 units

Patriots -14 vs Redskins 5 units

Titans +7.5 at Saints 5 units

Jets -8 vs Jaguars 10 units

Panthers +3 vs Packers 5 units

Falcons -7.5 at Niners 10 units

Buccaneers +2.5 vs Giants 10 units

Colts +5.5 vs Broncos 5 units

Eagles -3 at Cowboys 5 units

Chargers -4 vs Bears 10 units

David’s Lock of the Week

Steelers -5 vs Raidahs 25 units

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