The Top 10 Sports Plays of the Year

As we’re inching closer to 2012, Chi Side is taking a look back at the top 10 sports plays of 2011:

10. Patrick Kane’s shootout beauty vs. Minnesota Wild
Clear your browser history after watching this, because it’s pretty nasty.

9. Kyle Kuric’s dunk vs. Notre Dame

I haven’t seen a white guy fly like this since Neil Armstrong went to the moon.

8. Ellis Coleman’s flying squirrel takedown
Greco-roman wrestler Ellis Coleman stunned the sports world with this unique and complex takedown.

7. Michigan State’s Hail Mary touchdown against Wisconsin

College football was turned upside down after this play helped give #16 Michigan State the win over undefeated #6 Wisconsin.

6. Gio Dos Santos’ goal vs. USA

Dos Santos presents elite presence of mind to play keep away from the entire US defense and Tim Howard. What makes this goal extra special is the pinpoint ball placement on the shot.

5. Eliezer Sherbatov’s goal vs. Greece

Team Isreal would go on to win this game 26-2, but this goal will be the most memorable moment from the D-III World Championships ever.

4. Aaron Dobson’s backhanded catch vs. ECU
There are spectacular, one-handed catches, then there’s this. The amount of difficulty and concentration to make this play is remarkable

3. Jerome Simpson’s front flip touchdown
One of the most athletic and eye-popping touchdowns seen in the NFL in the last few years.

2. Joe Adams’ punt return vs. Tennessee
Arkansas’ Joe Adams makes the entire Tennessee special teams look incompetent on this ridiculous return.

1. Wayne Rooney bicycle kick goal vs. Manchester City
Easily one of the best futbol plays of the year, and the year’s best sports play in general.

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