Video: Watch Andrei Kirilenko, other former European NBA players, do the Macarena

This is a video of CSKA Moscow’s media day, Andrei Kirilenko’s new team. At this event, apparently Kirilenko, Viktor Khyrapa, Nenad Krstic, Aleksey Shved, and Jamont Gordon (formerly of Miss. St.) had to show off their worst dance moves. A few things I thought about when I first watched this:

1. I hope the new bargaining agreement requires this at every team’s media day.

2. This would be funner to watch than whatever they do on All-Star Weekend.

3. I wonder what Jamont Gordon is thinking during this entire thing and if he’d rather be broke during the lockout.

4. Kirilenko dances better than 99% of the white guys in the NBA (Steve Nash is the only one better).

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