Video: Hopsin “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4 (Tyler, The Creator Diss)”

I know this is has been floating around the internet for quite some time, but I think it deserves a post. Hopsin is a rapper who hails from California, and has his own record label, Funk Volume (he previously signed with Eazy E’s Ruthless Records in 2007). As you can tell, his music is similar to early Eminem/Odd Future’s, which features gore and shock value. Is he trying to get attention by dissing Tyler? Let us know what you think.

Click here to download “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4”.

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One response to “Video: Hopsin “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4 (Tyler, The Creator Diss)”

  1. bruppp

    If you’re about to put on this weak ass dis, you might as well talk about uncle otis. Game took shots at everyone on that- including tyler.

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