Is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson sports’ most eccentric personality?

After seeing this interview in the video above, which shows MMA light heavyweight fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson pretty much sexually harass a female reporter, it dawned on me: Jackson is like no other athlete (personality-wise) and is insane, and has done some crazy/funny/stupid things outside of the octagon. Here are Jackson’s top moments outside of the octagon.

Jackson/Schoonover confrontation on The Ultimate Fighter [uncensored]

Jackson shows how he’s a bully after constantly antagonizing Rashad Evan’s fattest and nerdiest member of the team. Schoonover finally breaks down and confronts Jackson and some of the weirdest things get said.

Various acts in Japan

In only a 3:09 span, you can witness Jackson impersonate a mentally retarded person, slap a random Japanese guy, try and buy a jock strap in a Japanese sporting goods store, hump a reporter (doggy style), and give his son a huge wedgie.

Jackson punches reporter in the nuts

Note to self: Wear a cup if I ever have to interview this guy.

Jackson dry humps reporter

Rampage does what he does best by taking things a little too far once again.

Jackson vs. a door

I’ll have to score this one 10-9, door.

Interview with Ariel Helwani

When AOL’s Ariel Helwani interviewed Jackson after his recent UFC 130 win, Jackson once again made it hilarious and awkward by calling Helwani “ugly”, gay, and threatening to strangle him.

Teaching Japanese people english

Quoting one of the video’s commenters: “He’s a douchebag, an a******, an all-around terrible person, and it is hilarious.”

After watching all these, Jackson might be both sports’ most eccentric personality and its biggest jerk.


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