Here are five unreleased The Weeknd songs

Before you favorite R&B singer The Weeknd was The Weeknd, he was part of a production/song writing team known as The Noise. As you know, The Weeknd has gained notoriety for his mysteriousness and his debut album House of Balloons. a member from forums discovered five unreleased songs The Weeknd made while apart of The Noise and uploaded them to SoundCloud. Here they are:

Want to learn more about who The Weeknd is? Read Chi Side’s artist spotlight.


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3 responses to “Here are five unreleased The Weeknd songs

  1. Anon

    KTT found the songs and I put them together. Credit KTT or I’ll just take down the Soundcloud files I uploaded. Complex didn’t discover anything.

  2. braindead

    ktt ftw.

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