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I’m bacccckkkkkkkkk. Sorry for my time away from the site, I know dealing with Blake’s music is very difficult. Finals are basically over for me though, so be ready for a steady flow of posts.

Tupac-Troublesome ’96

“We’re guerrillas in this criminal war, we all rebels”

With all this Osama news and many people flocking to conspiracy theories connecting the week’s events to the “New World Order” and the organization known as “Illuminati,” I bring you someone who has also been connected to Illuminati in the past. I won’t get into my personal beliefs, or explain the whole Tupac/Illuminati story (Google it), instead I give you “Troublesome ’96,” released on Pac’s Greatest Hits album.

Murder murder my mind states shit ain’t change since my last rhyme
The crime rate ain’t decline
Niggas bustin’ shots like they lost their mind
Like twenty-five to life never crossed their mind

Always one who chose substance over what was currently poppin’, Troublesome is no different. Tupac was one of the greatest ever, and he did so much more than just rap. A hood prophet who was always looking out for everyone around him, he accepted his “superstar” label and took it to a completely different level. RIP.

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For more information on Osama News, go to either one of these:

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