Song of the Day

Shouts to the hater Melvin Shabazz. Didn’t understand the whole “Derrick Rose just went off in the NBA playoffs and the Bulls started what should be an amazing, long journey-so I’m gonna post a song in which the chorus is ‘I am Number One'” thing I was trying to do, so my apologies.

ANYWAYS, todays song of the day goes to up and comers on the Chicago music scene, Filligar. The band includes brothers Johnny, Teddy, and Pete Mathias, along with Casey Gibson. This is one of my favorite bands currently, and if they’re ever in the town you are, they are a must-see live. Their music is a mix of a ton of different musical genres, so the best you could do is describe their sound as an eclectic-melodious-carefree-really good one. The rare ground between being like a coffee house soundtrack you want on at all times, to a rock band that finds you singing along with every word.

Can you tell who the non-Mathias is?

Won’t say too much more about them as I plan to do an “Artist Spotlight” in the upcoming week.

“Trepador” is from the bands 5th album, and is an anthem destined to get your foot tapping and head bobbing. Available for download here.

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  1. Melvin Shabazz

    Thanks for the shoutout! That was the only the only interesting portion of the post. Nelly is a better rapper than you a writer. Step your game up Mikey.

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