Artist Spotlight: Frank Ocean

Today’s SOTD will be replaced by a very special music spotlight on none other than R&B singer Frank Ocean. After reading his interview with Complex magazine, I realized how much of a diamond-in-the-rough this guy is. Ocean has one of the purest voices in the game and I think he will eventually rival Trey Songz and Drake in the upcoming years on the R&B scene. Ocean is similar to rising star Skylar Grey, in that he produces and writes music for some of today’s biggest stars (according to Complex, Ocean has written songs for John Legend, Justin Bieber and Brandy, a pretty impressive list for a 23 year old) and is first now getting into the biz itself as an artist. He’s also recently been seen in the studio with Beyonce.

To date Ocean has released one “album” (more like a mixtape, but Ocean calls it an album), the wildly popular nostalgia,ULTRA which has been getting downloaded at a rapid rate as word is spreading about Ocean. On the album, Ocean sings over some of today’s most popular instrumentals, including songs from Coldplay, The Eagles and MGMT. Ocean can’t make beats, he explained to Complex, he’s more of a song writer and a producer.

[audio swim good.mp3]

Above is the song “Swim Good” off of nostalgia,ULTRA.

Click here to download “Swim Good”.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that Ocean is a part of the insane rap group Odd Future, but he is. Ocean met Tyler, the Creator and others and is an associated act with them. In his interview with Complex, Ocean says that Odd Future is “family” and that he “knew them before all the attention”.

Recently, Ocean released a new song titled “Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)”, which was a leftover track off of his album nostalgia,ULTRA. Ocean sings over an acoustic accompaniment which lets his voice take spotlight. Take a listen below.

[audio Ocean – Pyrite Fools Gold.mp3]

Click here to download “Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)”.

Click here to download nostalgia,ULTRA (65MB).

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