Song of the Day

“Everybody feel a way about K but at least ya’ll feel something.”

Yes, I am posting a song that Vibe Magazine listed as one of Kanye’s 10 worst songs ever. I disagree. I think the verse is one of his better ones, and yes, I mean all time better ones. The Brandy thing is a little annoying, especially after the second minute of the track featuring her sounding a little worse than this (imagine if someone did that to Kanye), but if you stop at the 2 minute mark, this song is awesome. Kanye talks about his patented egoistical side (yes he did post that himself, and yes, I refuse to post the non-censored version), the fact that the rap game is garbage now (now meaning in ’05, but probably holding true today), and gives us a little insight into why he is the way he is…

“It’s funny how these wack niggas need my help
Wasn’t around when I couldn’t feed myself”

As we all know, Kanye was on the verge of death after his accident in ’02, and we see with that line that not many came to his side when he was in recovery. Maybe this is why Kanye feels like it’s him against the world?

Kanye West feat. Brandy-Bring Me Down

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