And it begins…

First off, I would like to welcome you to the Chi Side of Chambana! This is Blake Pon, and this blog will be composed of the works of myself as well as my cohort Michael Bojda. We are currently freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and this blog will be a compilation of mostly Chicago-based sporting news, music, and fashion. My goal is to entertain all who take that first click of the mouse to our dope homepage. We hopefully will be providing our insight on the latest news of the sports world, downloadable (all free!) music, and give our take on the latest trends in the fashion world. In the upcoming days, expect this blog to blow up. Not literally, but with posts from the both of us on everything mentioned above. This isn’t going to be a one-post-per-day blog. Think of it like, but without all the ads and pointless crap like Nascar and the WNBA. I would now like to hand it off to Mike (call him Bojda) for his little introductory spiel.

What up though! My names Mike B and I came to get down.
Remember, this will not be a blog of just Chicago sports, as we will delve into the major sports stories across the nation. I might be a little Chicago biased though, so just a warning. Other than sports, I really hope you enjoy our “Song of the Day” posts. Blake and I will be switching off days handling this portion, so you should get a little taste of all kinds of music. On Fridays, look out for our “New Music” section, where as Blake said, you will be able to download everything for free! We’re still debating on how to present the fashion side, so stick around for that. That’s it for now, enjoy!

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